All I can say is WOW!

Just saw this beautiful baby and man, oh man, I am blown away…in some of those pictures, you’d swear you were looking at a REAL BABY!!! Many many congrats to the reborner!!! … 3385950b38

Great find, it’s Awesome! Reminds me of Lil’ Chicks’ dolls. The eyebrow shape is spectacular!

WOW Karen… She is beautiful and sold for over $1900.00! thanks for,sharing…

GORGEOUS! And congratulations to the reborner!

It is truly a work of art! I had to remind myself that it was a doll after a couple of photos. Still can’t believe how real she looks. Guess we all have a goal to reach for now. I just want one like that for me!

My jaw dropped!
This baby is OUTSTANDING!
Epitome of perfection if you ask me!