Adalyn will she ever go on sale


Since she is a limited edition, does that mean she will NEVER go on sale? I like her. If I know she is not gonna go on sale, then I’ll order her. @jlesser, I know you know.


I wish I did know, but I dont.

I know that she has 650 kits.
All vendors were given one at ROSE and she was sold there.

But that is all I know.

I think BB’s sales depend on how well the kits are selling and how many they have at their warehouse. If you really want her I would just buy her at full. There is no guarantee she will go on sale. The more that sell the less likely a sale is to happen


Dean eventually went on sale. But it was way after Rose. I don’t think he was as big of a hit as Adalyn though. I doubt she stays in stock as long as he did.


Here’s an idea. Order her now and save her until she is sold out. If she goes on sale between paying full price and selling out you can buy her on sale. If you end up getting her on sale you can then sell your full price one. It will guarantee you will get one no matter what but still leave the opportunity to get it on sale.


Ok, thank you


That’s what I was gonna do. Thanks


Who sells Dean? Or is he discontinued by now?


He’s sold out now


Thanks. I kinda thought that might be the case.