AA Baby ....my first!

My first attempt listing an AA baby. Please wish me luck.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT

What a sweet baby boy!
Love his hair and his chubby little belly.

He’s really cute! And the lip color is very nice! BOL!!!

wow!!! what a beauty. and my goodness what an honor to have had your baby on dr phil. i saw that show. and now here i am talking to you. i am honored. your baby is beautiful. i love the skintone, so subltel and beautiful. lip color, blushing and creasing, perfect. and oh my that rooting is just gorgeous. in all ways, i say nobody would have ever gusessed that this is your first biracial . i have yet to do that but want to try after christmas special orders are out. i know who i want to do it on. not really sure how to go about it as i havn’t seen a tutorial on biracial or aa babies. also want to do an asian. but have no idea how to mix the skintone for that. well, bol. you deserve it. vesta

Thank you everyone for the nice comments, I was really nervous about listing him since he was my first AA.
Vesta thank you so much …I’m blushing.
I was afraid to try making an AA for a long time too but the girls on here are very helpful if you have any questions. This is such a nice group to belong too!

Oh my, I could swear he is a real baby with the chubby little tummy. What a beautiful little guy. (yes I call boy babies beautiful)

You did a great job on him. The megan kit is so pretty. BOL with his auction!

Great work, very cute baby Good Luck.

Thank you so much for the really nice comments!

I absolutely love him!!
I really wish I could afford to buy him…I just have to look & wish!
Good luck with your auction…I hope it is a smooth transaction for you & you get lotsa’ money!!


WOW! Just WOW!

Beautiful Job! I hope my first looks as pretty.

Wowzers, he is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like you are an expert in AA coloring, unbelievable it is your first
His hair, poses, clothing, auction, everything is first class, he is going to bring in some nice dolly dollars

I put him on my watch list

He’s absolutely stunning. Awesome job!!! BOL

He is just gorgeous!! BOL on your auction!!

Awwww thank you so much everyone …such nice comments, I am speechless. Seriously though I really was nervous to list him though when I see all the beautiful ones you guys do.