A preemie Realborn plate is coming soon!

Hey everyone!

I had to share some photos of this new Realborn plate we have coming. :slight_smile: I am so excited about having a smaller Realborn plate! This plate was made from the scans of Aspen and Leif (Realborn twins), who are 18 inch babies. Since Aspen and Leif are on the thinner side, this plate is perfect for 16 to 18 inch babies! The plate is gender neutral as well, perfect for boys and girls!

Also, just a heads up, Aspen and Leif (and their belly plate) will be available soon! So keep an eye out for them. <3

I am so excited about these twins! Their photo session was one of my favorites for sure! (I get to take the photos of the real newborn models.) Aspen and Leif were the sweetest babies! They loved being next to each other, it was amazing to see! They had the sweetest little souls, and their dainty little features just melted me as well.

Here’s a teaser photo of the belly plate. :slight_smile:

…and the real babies, just because they are so cute. :slight_smile:

Here’s the belly plate item (if you’d like to see more photos): http://www.bountifulbaby.com?tiny=247838




Oh I’m excited!!!

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I’m not normally a fan of belly plates, but may need to make an exception. This one is so cute! That belly button! :heart_eyes:


I was scared of them. I love them now! lol

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