A new full body silicone vinyl kit is to be released soon

I ordered an Amy kit from Irresistables and while I did I asked for any information on the full body silicone vinyl kits. I love them so. I have reborned 7 of them in all!! My buyers when they receive them love them so much that they ask me to do custom ones. I don’t feel I can get into doing customs as I want to keep reborning not as a way to make money and more artistic and inspirational. I make each baby like I am making it for myself. Irresistables told me that they are going to have a new full body silicone kit soon. I asked them if they were and it seems like they are going to! They would not give me any details because they are not sure yet on details. I ordered from them this kit Amy by Sandy Faber. I posted the link for her from ebay and I didn’t buy her from ebay because it is cheaper to go directly to the shop to buy the kit. When I do expensive kits like this, I never use cheap eyes, I buy the German flatback eyes and make sure that the mohair I use is good quality. When I am ready to let them go and sell them, I have no problem at all. Buyers definitely look for quality in their hunt for reborn babies and I am always told my reborn babies are so much more beautiful in person than in the pictures. I wish I could figure out how to do those templates. So far, I cannot figure them out. Here is the link for the darling Amy kit I got. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Amy-Soft-Vinyl- … 4ac2382f71Of course, I do buy lots of kits from BB. Can’t go wrong buying from BB but when I want something unique, you have to go outside the box.

I’ve thought about geyying one of the full body babies but I really don’t like the nose wrinkles that sheila michaels’ babies have. Hoping for a newborn looking open eyed baby…no, I’m not being too picky, am I!!!