50% Off Everywhere! Getting Ready For ROSE!

Right now: 50% off site-wide, on our Bountiful Baby and Kinby websites, for the following reasons:

  1. This gives everyone a good opportunity to buy what they need for the Rose Doll Show, before the show happens in June (next month).
  2. We are having the Rose classes INSIDE of our warehouse, and we need to re-arrange, clear out, and make room for the classes.
  3. We need to generate funds for the limousine service (and other services) that we will be providing during Rose.
  4. We are stimulating demand now so that there are not as many orders to process during the Rose Doll Show (we will be busy with the show and won’t be as responsive to order fulfillment during the show).

There are many reasons for doing this, and I really don’t know how long this sale will last. Realize also that we are bound to run out of stock on many items. So buy now while you can!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Will you guys have plugs in soon???

I really need a bunch of 40mm


Plugs and rings are in the next container. The container is on the ocean now and probably will be delivered in two or three weeks.



I assume not in time to reach me before ROSE?

For some reason I assumed you guys might 3D print them at the warehouse

It will be close whether or not the next container comes in time to send something out before ROSE.

3D printing with our printers is a VERY expensive process. A head is about $400 in material costs. If I had to guess, a ring would be more than $10 in material costs.

The plugs and rings are made via injection molding (i.e., the old fashioned way). That’s still the most cost-effective.

We 3D print prototypes for the factory to look at, but not production pieces.



Will Sunny also be in that shipping container? I’m waiting with ordering until she comes out.

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Is silicone Darren on that shipping container too? :slight_smile:


Here’s hoping! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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