$44.95 for NOD GIRL KIT?!


That’s what U said about a lot of the new prices!!!

Oh no! That’s not good

Barb, I don’t recall saying anything about prices before…this just really surprised me today because I don’t understand the huge difference in price between the boy and girl kit. As of now, the boy is $34.95 and girl is $44.95. Guess I’ll wait for a sale.

LOL…u is beside i on the keyboard…I meant “I”…typing ain’t my strong suit!!!

And here I sit, Barb, trying to type with the only 3 fingers on my left hand that are functioning right now…not sure if I have carpal tunnel or what, but my pinky and ring fingers seem to be useless. Ugh. and I’m right-handed…I’d have thought if I were going to have carpal tunnel it’d be on my “good” hand. No telling what kind of typos I’m making!

I think when they first came out they were $59.95 if I remember correctly. I got a few when they were $14.95 I think they sell the girls higher because that’s what most people buy. I never pay full price for anything though because I know one day I can get it so much cheaper so I usually wait for the sales especially the new kits

Karen I hope your hand is better soon

Thanks, Debora, that’s so nice of you ~