2018 Halloween Challenge - Rules


Starr West started it. She is not on this forum anymore and I haven’t seen her much online lately either but can try to email her.

Tanya Tyo took it over… not sure if that canceled Starr’s access or not… Tanya is also no longer on this forum but I may be able to message her on facebook and see if she still has access…

I will start with Tanya I think I can get in touch with her first.


Thank you so much!


@Renauta427 @Kate Sounds like there should always be two people handling that site. Hope we get some answers soon. It would be horrible to loose that hard work Star and Tanya put into it.


It would. :worried: I be happy to help if we can get it figured out.


Agreed! Thanks @jlesser!


I contacted Tanya on facebook and she was able to access it enough to transfer ownership to me. She said that should also contact Starr. So I will see if Starr emails me because of it. But havent seen her online elsewhere for a few months.

I havent done anything other than log on to the website and accept ownership from Tanya.


I’m super psyched!!! I wish I could start work tomorrow!


@Renauta427 and @Kate want to take over. Thank you so much! What would our Forum do without you, for real!!! Give Starr our regards if you do get in touch with her!


@ZeldaDawn you can get started just take a pic of your blank kit and send it to me in a PM.


That’s awesome @jlesser you could stay on as another admin as well if you have time. I know you are quite busy with being search master and all :wink:. You rock btw!


As soon as I get my kit :slight_smile:


es solo kit de bb? o puedo utilizar algun otro? ya tengo algunas ideas!!!


I believe she said any kit in the rules


@silydie I used google translator

is it just bb kit? or can I use someone else? I already have some ideas!

You can use a kit from wherever you want and also whatever size you want.

Thanks @Renauta427 lol!


muchas gracias!!! mañana mabdo la foto del kit en blanco


FYI - transferring it changed the web address to have my name in it… I am trying to figure it out

… so right now it is “a work in progress”


Just checked in I got this just a fluke ? =
We Looked Everywhere
For This Page!
(Error 404)
But maybe we can still help you find
what you’re looking for:

PS Just tried the previous link got the same thing perhaps they are down right now or it is my browser .


Sorry been busy today… I will edit that and add a new comment in a sec.


So I added @Renauta427 and @Kate and have transferred ownership to Renauta. Keeping me as a contributor as well.

She has the most website experience and is currently editing the site. She will update with all the info once she gets it situated and the domain name changed and such not to have my name. :wink:

While the page is being edited it is not published and the public can not access it or parts of it. So sometimes it may still say error after she announces the website address… because she/we are logged on to it and editing it.

We have an ongoing personal group message with the 3 of us and going over changes and ideas. :slight_smile:


Sounds like fun!! I am VERY new to doing reborn babies so I would love to learn some new tips and tricks from you ladies! I’ve seen some of the babies y’all have done and they are absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see the ones submitted for this Halloween challenge.