Zuri has awaken! Introducing new Realborn®, Zuri Awake!

Zuri has awaken!

We have a brand new prototype on eBay now! We are happy to introduce Zuri Awake. Our first Zuri prototype was lovingly reborn by Samantha Rose-Harker. Sam’s painting is phenomenal! To bid and make this sweet girl yours, here is a link to her auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/253865737860. Her auction is also featured on our home page now (in the last bubble) at: https://bountifulbaby.com.

Realborn Zuri is about 18 inches long when completed and has full limbs. She has the most scrumptious looking chubby cheeks and the most adorable expression! You can see more details (and blank vinyl photos) here: https://bountifulbaby.com/products/3578. You can also see more of real baby Zuri here: http://pictures.bountifulbaby.com/zuriawake/realzuri.html.

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby


@grandian weren’t you just asking about this the other day? :heart_eyes:

Look at that chin dimple :heart_eyes:So adorable !!

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I love this kit!!

I know! I need this one too.

Shes a cutie pie

Welp, I guess I’ll hold off on painting the sleeping Zuri until I get the awake Zuri. Twin time.


She’s so sweet. She does look like she just woke up, haha.

Thats just what I was thinking…Im painting one now but I have another kit :wink:

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I think I have 2 as well. Can’t see myself doing triplets tho. I’d be so confused. Lol

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Yes. Grandian is delighted. She looks more like my grand than I hoped she would!! Wish I could show pics but can not. Sorry.