Zip Ties

Where do you personally buy zip ties other than BB? I’m in Canada and completely forgot to include zip ties in my most recent BB order, but I’m going to need them! :flushed: I already had to steal some off of a body for a kit I’m about to make because I had to take apart and repair my partner’s doll for her. Any stores you’ve found them in? If not, where do you order without paying through the roof for shipping? Need them ASAP, for both a custom order and a doll I’ve just finished but can’t put together!

I’ve found some that work at dollar tree, if you have that in Canada. Other than that, I’ve seen them on eBay but haven’t ordered any from there. Macphersons may also sell them, and they’re in Canada.

Nonies has the 14 inch ones…
not sure what shipping to Canada is like though

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I bought some from Uline. They were cheap but the heads were not as thin as BB.

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Someone once said they have some in Auto Parts stores.

MacPherson. They have the thin ones.

I’ve gotten them at dollar tree, but DO NOT recommend them. They can be brittle and break easily. In my experience anyway. Now I’m strictly BB zip ties. :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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Dolls so real sells them for a good price and they are the same as BB

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I got some at my hardware store. [quote=“Bec1273, post:2, topic:63511”]

I have gotten thin 14 inch and 8 inch ties from Ebay! Good prices, too.

I have gotten them at Harbor Freight, Home Depot and Big Lots, don’t know if you have that there.

We do have Home Depot, but they didn’t have any. We have dollar stores, no luck there either! I guess it’ll be MacPherson. Thanks all!

dollar tree