Does he look like a twin for precious gift?


I’ve seen someone open the eyes on Precious Gift before, maybe you could try that!


I think Crystal or Liam might work better, but fraternal twins don’t look alike, anyway.


I think I am looking for an excuse. I just really fell for Zachary:-) @izzy that is a great idea!!! But I would be WAY to scared!!!:scream:

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Is there a picture of PG with open eyes?

@jeanhai I looked at your kitten again on seriously the cutest kitten EVER!!! I love her hair!!! Did you root her???


That’s sometimes true, just as with siblings but there are many fraternal twins that don’t even look related and there are male/female sets of twins as well. Are the girls your sisters? They do look a lot alike and they’re very pretty.


nikkiroc, I did root my Kitten. It took awhile but it wasn’t too bad. It’s probably the equivalent of 2-2 1/2 newborn heads.

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i have faternal twin boys that are complete opposits one has blue eyes blonde hair is short and a thin frame the other has brown eyes dark hair and built
actually one of my twins looks more like his older sister


Two of my friends are fraternal twin brothers and they look literally nothing alike. Some people have a hard time believing they’re related. One looks more like their dad, and the other looks more like their mom.


@Nikkiroc scroll down a bit

Lololol I think he looks drunk!!! Lolol

Thank you for finding that!!! izzy, I think we need to find a new luna sculpt!

Are his thighs to short to use a full leg front loader?

Those thighs are very short.

Hmmmm. Dang.

You could always switch out the limbs. :slight_smile:

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I’m on it! :wink:

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Lol my dad is a twin. Hes 5’5" with a full head of hair avg build. My uncle is 6’2" bald on top and a bean pole. Dad looks like gram uncle looks like grandpa

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