Youtube vids by reborn lovers?

Do ya’ll ever go watch any of them? There’s several that just get on there and post about “living with” their reborns! Daily routines, outings, etc…There are two I’ve started watching pretty regularly. Rebornhobby18 is one. I’m gonna be “ugly honest” here and say at first she irritated me…I thought she was just a giggly teenager that acted kind of silly, BUT…I watched a few more of her, then a few more, and really sort of “got attatched” to her. She really seems very sweet, and I think, at her young age (almost 16), she’s been through more than most. Eating disorder, scoliosis surgery (which I to have, but fortunatley never had to have surgery for it). Anyways, she’s very positive and fun to watch sometimes, but as of late, she’s waiting on a couple more reborns and has started babysitting for her nephew full time, and hasn’t posted much recently. The other one I just started watching last night or so, is juliesreborns1. She’s younger, 11 I think, BUT…her mom takes all her videos and seems to be involved in all her reborn advenutres with her. I think her grandma even makes some babies and props sometimes for them. I don’t know why these vids entertain me so much, lol??? I actually stumbled across these vids while waiting on my Holly kit to arrive, I hadn’t done one in a while and was brushing up on my tutorials and these girls’ vids came up in the results too, and I started watching them, and something about them is intriguing…probably not to someone who doesn’t reborn or collect reborns, but it was to me, I was just wondering if anyone else ever checks out vids like that, or really if any of you might be the artist for these girls? They both seem to have a certain artist (but different for each girl) that they like to have do their dolls…just making idle chit chat, lol.