Youtube channel for Christian doll artists and collectors

Hi…I dont post here openly a lot but my very sweet friend Annette who lives in Belgium has a youtube channel where she changes her dolls and also does devotionals, prayers, and reads from the bible.
We became friends because we started our channels around the same time and we are both here in Europe. She has a few of my dolls and Ive talked her into making some as well. Anyway…her channel is not growing very fast and its probably because of the content that I mention above.
Since I know there are a lot of spiritual artists and collectors here I thought I would share the link to her channel in hopes that some here would want to check her out.
Shes a very kind, gentle person. She came to my house to pick up one of the dolls I made for her and she is also coming to help me at the dolls show in the Netherlands in September.
She is also very soft spoken… I keep telling her she should be an ASMR channel :wink:


Some people are really turned off by religious content and don’t look any further. Her dolls are nice but she might do better if she leaves out the prayers and bible quotes. That might be difficult for her if her faith is the cornerstone of her life but business is something separate.


Well, to her its just a hobby, not a business. She only makes dolls for herself but she did recently make one for a friend. Shes a collector. I think it just makes her a bit sad sometimes that her channel does not grow but she told me before she started adding in content that she doesnt want her hobby to take away from what she feels she should be doing. She and her husband are missionaries.
I am not a religious person but, I respect it and Annette is very sweet and kind and also a good friend. I posted because I thought there would be more people here who would like her channel…thats all :wink:

I do get what you are saying…I dont touch religion or politics on my channel…just dolls and my weirdness over there :laughing:


I am in bed right now surfing the net so I can’t watch videos due to hubby asleep next to me. I subscribed to her channel and will go back later and watch some of her videos. It looks very sweet.


Thank you Angie :grin:

What did I just read.

Huh? Did I say something wrong? It certainly wasn’t meant to be judgemental or offensive.

I have watched 3 of her videos now and she seems like an absolutely lovely person! I wish I could meet her. I feel we would be good friends. I appreciate and admire her willingness to share her faith and in such a gentle and loving manner. I think it is wonderful and she should be who she is and keep enjoying herself!


I agree completely, shes the most amazing person. I count myself very lucky to have her as a friend.

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I agree!!!

I love her voice…she says her “lovely place”… “is an oasis of peace in our life when so much is going on”

She has created that…her choice of music, her sweet voice, and her inclusion of her love for the Lord as she shows her babies is wonderful!!!

This is HER way of sharing the gospel…and such a sweet way she has of doing it!!! 🩷

Mark 16:15 - And He said to them, “Go into all
the world and preach the gospel to all creation."


That is her son playing the piano :grin:


Yes, I read that on one of her videos!


What a sweet lady! Christians believe the Bible and love to obey what God tells them. The Bible instructs Christians to share scripture and share their belief with others. And her using her channel is a wonderful way. If someone doesn’t like they don’t have to watch. :smiling_face: