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Hi everyone! If you are looking for a YouTube channel filled with TIPS AND TRICKS as well as routines, you have come to the right place! I have two twin reborn girls who I film on their everyday adventures! I also teach how to PHOTOGRAPH YOUR REBORNS!! thank you all for your time!! :heart:

YouTube: Naomi Solbak
Instagram: baby_steps03


I followed you on IG. Mine is @little.peanuts.reborn.nursery

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following on instagram @Mommarobin and @preciousmoments03


I’ve been binge watching your videos. :heart: I absolutely adore your twin A didn’t realize how much I liked that kit.

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I’ll follow you back!

Awe thank you!

As a newbie I do have a question.
I see a few different sites selling kits. I just bought my first kit to try my first reborn. Are there places to avoid buying kits? I bought a on sale kit from BB but notices other places selling kits that are much more expensive. Any suggestions?
I’ll look for your channel…love all this reborn stuff!! :slight_smile:

I purchased my first reborn from bountiful. It’s a great place to start! My twin a is from Macpherson Arts and Crafts. I would stick to those two sites, or a sculptor’s personal website. Today there are so many scamming websites that can suck you into a good deal. Vinyl kits usually cost around 100-200 dollars where as silicone blank kits run into the thousands. Hope this helps!

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