You tube carmens videos?

Has anyone seen any of her videos? If so what is your opinion of her skin tone theory? 4-06 layers 4-08 layers then thinning medium and your done. I’m new to reborning and I’m exploring everything. I have to say this is the best forum I’ve found at being helpful.

I haven’t heard of this. Do you have a link?

Try this on a PC:

Yes that’s the videos I’m talking about. She can be funny. I really don’t know the result either I’ve still on my first doll. I think I will need to strip her for the third time. It can be really frustrating. I did porcelian dolls for years this is way harder.

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In this video she talks about the four layers of 06 and then four layers of 04 technique. I think she is just not going over mottling in this video. Based how her dolls appear in some of her other videos, she uses blushing at least. I’ve not tried her method. But in this video I am puzzled at the color she is calling 06, because it appears lighter in color than the 08. Flesh tones become darker the lower their number. So, I’m puzzled why her flesh 08 looks lighter than her flesh 06.


Also, I’ve never heard of using Genesis Thinning Medium to put texture on a doll, or to seal it. I find that too much thinning medium on vinyl can make it appear somewhat shiny. Has anyone else ever used Thinning Medium to put texture on their doll?

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The tutorial "learn to reborn the beautiful baby way"by Nicole Russell on facebook that pia referred me to, Nicole mixes thick and thinning mediums as her sealer, it gives a somewhat dewy appearance. She shows how she does this in chapter 6 of the tutorial.

No, I’ve never heard of using only Thinning Medium for texture. I’ve heard it said that it can be shiny but I’ve never had that happen. I wouldn’t use it for the final seal and texture.

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