You know you are a reborn artist when

This could be fun if you are bored or avoiding the things you know you should be doing…or you are on the forum trying to avoid that lovely BB pink page with all the sale babies on it.

You know you are a reborn artist when:

Your 3 year old says “oh look that is such a pretty dolly did you make her” to a mommy with a real baby.

Your bed has glass beads in it (from your feet). This may also mean you need to sweep more often but there are babies to be made.

Your vacuum needs repair because it is full of mohair.

Your turn.


Every picture of a baby I try to figure out what sculpt it looks like…


You ask to take pictures of every baby you see.Just for reference


You know you’re a reborn artist when: Every available space in your house is “stuffed” with reborn supplies, kits, and clothes!!!


Totally find myself looking at hair patterns on real babies and checking off coloring options :grinning:

You know you are a reborn artist when…

  • Your family isn’t surprised when you pull out glass eyes from an unopened package delivery
  • Family photos often have a random limb or baby head drying/in mid-root in the background
  • Your husband declares EVERY package that EVER comes in the mail to be “more baby heads”
  • You have more BRAND NEW baby clothes in the closet than you EVER had for your own children!
  • Your grandchildren (and their friends :scream:) just KNOW you will make them a baby

You have more clothing for your reborns then you do yourself!

You see a baby at the grocery store and start thinking I wonder if that’s more of a yellow ochre or burnt umber skin tone… (I always do this) Then you stare so long trying to figure out the shades and colors just right the mom thinks your a psycho lol.

You spend more money on doll kits,then you do for your own kids.

You take more photos of your reborns then your own kids haha.


You know your a reborn artist when. You look at real baby’s and tell there mom that is an amazing mottling pattern and color can you take a photo.


When a doll like this makes you shutter!


You know you’re a reborn artist when you find yourself booking your hotel for next year’s ROSE right after you got home from this years. (@lynn LOL GREEN BANANAS, YEAH!)


OMGosh ypu are SOOOOO right!!! It’s pretty pathetic that we can even wait 6 months or so!!


You know you are a reborn artist when you have a random doll head sitting on a chair (makeshift table) next to your bed waiting for you to finish rooting it…

You know you are a reborn artist when there are random doll limbs strewn about your apartment waiting to test that new brilliant idea you have.

You know you are a reborn artist when instead of bottles on your BOTTLE drying rack, you have doll limbs…


You know your a reborn artist …
When your in the nursery at church taking photos of the babies swirl.
When your talking to a perspective parent (daycare) and you run into the house and grab a head or limb (you just painted last night) to compare coloring and mottling. It’s a good thing my sister warned her that I make dolls, except she left out the part where I try to make them look Real. :slight_smile:
When your 12 yr old son tells his friends, “don’t worry it only takes 8 minutes to make a baby and then we can go to the pool!” ( in front of their parents). I needed to bake one more time!


Oh @jlesser, that’s the stuff of nightmares. Even more shocking, I saw some on ebay almost as bad. :flushed:


You know you are a reborn artist when you are trying to come up with a good exclamation when the cashier ask about the newborn clothes, shoes, diapers, bottles, ect…
you are purchasing.
“Aww how old is your baby?”
“Umm… 16 and 12… :flushed:
"Baby shower?”
“Nope” :grimacing:


When you get called in to your daughters school because they asked her what her mommy does and she says “my mom just makes babies all day” yea try explaining that one


My problem too, @Ahairrell!! And one more reason to lose the weight from my last baby (who is almost 3 now, I’m ashamed to say lol)… I will be super awkward if one of these cashiers asks me when I’m due. :smile:


One more, when you look at a man with thinning and hair and instead of balding you think of him as sparsely rooted!

My son told me at Target, “no baby stuff mom, just swim goggles”.


When you answer the door with a head or limb in your hand or when you see a real infant you kit match in your head :wink:


When your 7 year old son introduces you " this is my mom Andrea and she is very good at making baby’s " :slight_smile:


When you have a closet full of kits to complete and the mail man is bringing more kits to you .

When you keep telling your husband you need a nursery and its not for the great grand child, but for the babies that I am making.