You just can't force it...know what I mean?

First case: I had another artist paint Thomas twins for me a couple of years ago. I loved them and planned on keeping them forever…until I painted a set myself and fell in love:heart_eyes: with them. So I kept the ones I painted and sold the other set. Last year I ended up selling sleeping Thomas to a friend who fell in love with him and wanted him to be Baby Jesus in his traveling ministry. Well I am finishing my replacement Sleeping Thomas. I love him, but he’s not a keeper. I don’t love him like the first (or second, I guess). Second Case: Saskia Brown…I fell in love with her and even had Dee Dee root her hair for me making her more special, buuuuut I had to sell her. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Why didn’t I just sell a kidney instead!!!
Third and Current Case: I have always thought Sally Brown was the cutest ever. Finally got the kit and I have stripped her twice…I just can’t get her to look like I want her to. :frowning: I want Sally to be a keeper. Maybe if I don’t paint her like I vision her, she will turn out beautiful and I will fall in love with her.
Forth and future case: Tink Brown will be here soon. Should I even try to paint her as a keeper? :weary:

I am a Brown baby fan…I’d love to have Sharlamae and Saorise too.


You may want to wait a week or two with Sally . Don’t give up yet. You may feel it later and have the desired look.

I made 3 Saskia and named one keeper and yes I sold.
Now I started another to keep I set aside after a few basic layers I am afread won’t be that cute as the other once .

I like Brown kits and waiting for Think …as a keeper . I am really considering to send her to be rooted to be close to perfect .

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I think I am going to go ahead and strip Sally (again! :smirk: ), give her a bath and prime her. Then wait…

its funny how some seem to almost paint their selves, and others times if you try to force it out comes the stripper.

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Been there one to many times. Sigh…

I have had the same thing happen. I sold my first Welcome Back Taylor years ago even though I loved her. I had several more kits so thought I’d just make one of those for myself. Nope, 3 more and none felt the same as that first one for me.