You HAVE to see these!

I don’t know how to link it, but look up Lisa Lichtenfels sculptures. You won’t believe they’re not photos.


I’ve seen these before. They’re super neat!

She is an extremely talented artist! I love her work.

I love the sculpt on her home page!

It’s me 20 years lol minus the cig she is good

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Isn’t it amazing Helen, glad I asked about the needle sculpture or I would have never known they exist. Don’t know how she gets them to look so real. Just imagine the time put into them.

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Sorry jeanhai I put the wrong name in. But it is amazing.

I posted this on another thread when someone asked about needles, I’m with you I didn’t know how to link things but told people to go look up Lisa------She is truly amazing isn’t she? Glad you enjoyed her sculptures. You know most of them are really quite small, at least that’s what I’ve been told by people who have seen her work. Most of them are only around 6 - 9 inches tall, I’m told. Crazy huh? Beautiful, she’s been doing this a long time now.

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