You Get What You Pay For

I’ve got to Deborah’s (God rest her soul) blog for a different reason and found this topic.
I think it’s worse for shaping,


Everytime I go to the link and click on the title, nothing comes up?

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I heartily agree with what she said!


Thank you!

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She wrote: “ I see so many folks on Facebook buying these cheap dolls and then coming on to the social media platform to complain about the doll they received.“

Whenever I read a complaint about a reborn in a FB group, the first question I ask…how much did you pay for the doll. Anything under $300…I write: …sounds like you got a reborn that was worth $225 (or whatever the price was).

People work my nerves with their champagne expectations and only have a kool-aid budget. :woman_facepalming:t4:


You welcome

She said it perfectly! So many people think that they can get a beautiful, prototype quality baby for under $300. It’s not going to happen! People don’t go into museums to look at art and say “Can I buy this for $200?” So… why are reborns any different? They are art, and they should be priced like art.


That’s because they have not bother to research. Ignorance is bliss.The main reason in my opinion they do not see reborn as 3 dimensional art work. They see a barbie doll so to speak(and the vintage Barbie dolls so can go far thousands)A good comeback is to tell them to order the kit,paint and do fine detailing,hair rooting,etc,and believe me if they did,that doll would a real hot mess.Do your research, I did before I purchased my reborn over 3 years ago. I have always love dolls, and recognize the art.
I have for 30 years of Himstedt and other high end dolls and they did not sell @ $100.00.
Don’t become anger over a person ignorance, move on and continue your great artwork.

That’s the come-back for the buyer who did their research on the material cost and tell you how much you should charge for your time :joy::rofl::joy:. They can be a piece of work. And like you said… I keep it moving.


@Ladybuggirl this is a good one for you to read. :smile: