Yippee! Packages!

I’ve been ordering too much this week. New colors of paints from luminaires, seconds kits (and more seconds kits), mohair and eyes. Now to find time to do it all. But the prices were too good on the sales this week. I may rearrange some kits though. I got two of the Raine seconds kits but not too happy with the legs so I may switch them out on the one I want to make to keep. Making Nolan for a friend but planning to switch with the libby limbs like someone on here did (sorry, can’t remember who and my computer gives me enough fits trying to post without stopping to look up your name!)

I live in the country and even though we have satellite internet it switches to local and world wide and back and logs me out every time it switches. So posting can be a hassle! But you’ll notice I still manage to run my mouth!

Plus this week I got the REAL ebook for Native Americans to go with the paint from luminaire. I just have to switch the names of the colors to the closest one. Plus material, plus stuff to do for the round robin exchange, plus I have a massive headache this week that won’t stop! All this fun is going to kill me if I can’t enjoy it soon! And I have forbidden myself to even look at the specials … but a friend wants me to do a baby Kyra for her so hoping she goes on sale. Otherwise, I’m good on kits for a while. All seconds but I’m happy!!!

I got packages today too!!! I have 3 new kits and have already started one. I got Amber, Cozy and Paisley!!! SOOOOO excited!!

When I came home form work today I had packages also. We are going to be busy. I have to finish some flip flops first.

My packages are on the way… I bought Riley by Sheila Michaels on eBay and ordered Kinsey from BB (just couldn’t get past the one that WindyDay2 has as her siggy and now piperinbirdland has redone one for a daycare kiddo)… anyway… love Kinsey’s limbs and with all the eyes I have coming from China I needed an open-eyed kit… Gonna have to figure out how to sell them sometime though…