Yippee! I gots lots of presents!

Thank you so much, Debora! I love it all! The post office has had it since Friday but didn’t let me know. I noticed it on the shelf when I went to mail mine. I have been trying for over an hour to post photos but photobucket keeps locking up my computer again. I’m going to try to remember to copy after each photo in hopes I can get this posted. Aargh! Stupid photobucket! Wishing BB could accept photos with higher resolution so I didn’t have to resize them and wishing I could remember to set my phone camera to a lower resolution. You should have included a fresh brain, Debora! I’m sure there have to be fresh brains available at Halloween!

For my bedroom door to replace the spring decoration that got put up when Cait was five, only seven years ago!

Being stolen by Cait for her bedroom or playroom door! Hazards of having cute stuff around your children!

Cute card and notepad and little ghost figurine. When I was little, I lived in Arkansas (like Debora!) and I had a pretend ghost that I would make up stories about…Caspar was on TV back then just to date myself!

A skeleton outfit with headband and paci

A witch outfit with headband and paci

A bandana with bats (my favorite Halloween decoration) and a monster (my second favorite is cute monsters)….now to convince my children that I can wear it to town!

A bag of candy for me and one for Cait…that we are sharing and enjoying!

Finally! only an hour and a half later!

As for my RR gifts, I mailed them today and hope my partner won’t be too disappointed that some of it isn’t halloween oriented. I mailed it priority mail so it should get there by thursday!

Thank you I am so glad you like everything. I love Halloween. I wanted to make sure Cait had some candy. Only thing better than Halloween is Christmas but I love every holiday. Any excuse to decorate.! LOL

Oh how wonderful! you got such great stuff!

You got lots of awesome goodies

Got the scarecrow up and the little ghost on the head of the bed, most of the candy where it belongs…in our tummies!, and dressed the “babies” up in their outfits. Tomorrow I’ll get the witch up when Cait decides which door to put her on. Thanks again, Debora and yes, ladies, I am lucky!

— Begin quote from “Jellybean Babies”

That’s a wonderful RR, hope I get mine soon!!

— End quote

Yours has been mailed hun. Better watch the mail tho I know of 2 packages that were at 2 different post offices in different states for 4 days without being delivered. They found out and called the post office on it to get their boxes. I wonder how many other times this happens.