I just had to share with everyone…I just got my FIRST CUSTOM ORDER!!!
She chose the Kendal kit with green eyes and auburn hair!!


So excited but scared!!!

Thank you Marlen!!

WOW! That’s awesome! Good for you!!

That’s wonderful…we will enjoy going through the process with you!

Thank you so much Karen Katy Cindy Debra and Robin, you are all so sweet!!!


Robin…your baby is beautiful…will you help me if i have questions about her…i am so nervous!!!

have you started this one yet???

I just finished painting her today but i am still waiting for the mohair and eyes!!!

I was a wreck painting her!! So nervous. It was alittle ridiculous!!!

Way to go!!!

Thank you Brandi…i just finished her…you can see her on the Reborn show case under…My first custom order, Kendal…let me know what you think!!