Year-End Inventory Sale!

Bountiful Baby is having a year-end inventory reduction sale! The sale will last until the end of this weekend. Kits will change daily, so be sure to check back often.

Visit our home page at:


Thank you!

Yahoo! :dizzy:

I give up. Just take all my money. :joy:


YAY!!! Thank you

Oh Great, I spent more money, thanks, I think. lol

Can you please place Summer Rain, Owen and Ana all on at the same time I need all 3 but do not want to pay shipping for each one at different times :slight_smile: I can wish right?


Ana or Anna :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Moving right down my spreadsheet of “wanted kits” and checking the names off. Now just to hide the credit card bill from the husband and hope he works late the days the boxes arrive! Lol


Oh man!! Such good deals how can one resist!! Thank you! Now I’m off to get the hubby with the charge card l

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Are you close to Ohio? Maybe I’ll have my stuff shipped over to you. LOL

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I said I wasn’t going to buy anything more this year!! Right!! I just couldn’t resist.


Ordered 4 - yea! So happy.

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I ordered 3 last week, then 3 more yesterday…still have 7 more on my “MUST HAVE” list. I wonder if I list them, will @JennieBB put them all up at once? lol

(Then there’s the 26 on my, “Buy these when I sell the first 6” list.) :wink:


Right…I ordered 3 last week, too! They came in yesterday. Ordered these 4 last night and now I see more that I would like to order on this round. BUT I need to sell a couple before I order any more!

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Im in marion

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Hiya Neighbor! I’m actually up by Cleveland, But you aren’t too far away. Closer than Texas, that’s for sure! :wink:

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in between colombus and mansfield

Omg I went crazy yesterday and bought a bunch of kits! Now I need to get to work on the kits I have to make room for the ones I will be getting :see_no_evil:

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