YAY! Prototype Hailey (by DEANNA!)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-Reborn- … 0885183587
She’s so chubby and CUTE!!!

She is so pretty and angelic looking. I love her sweet little face, her complextion, and can’t leave out her hair.

Such a soft & sweet babyface!

Shes so pretty! I love her!

Beautiful baby! And don’t forget the eyebrows!

Deanna, you have done it again. She is beautiful. I love the sweet face on this baby. Not much of a “baby”, though. I see she’s 30". Best of luck with her sale. I am sure she will bring a great price.

She is incredible. So beautiful.

She is beautifully reborned. But personally I think her arms are way too thick for her head. They look HUGE in comparison to the rest of her. But…thats just my opinion.

Her arms and legs look HUGE - maybe too big compared to her head? what do you girls think?
and I think that perhaps she looks too “doll-ish” if you know what i mean- i think its her nose? i dont know. she doesnt look as much like a child but more like a doll face. but im not sure though either way i am overly excited about her!

regardless the artist did an AMAZING job on her- she looks so beautiful, her skin looks so amazing and her hair is fantastic. she is great.

Oh - big girl- it says her head circ. is 18 inches- that’s big like Arianna!