Just ordered my New kit on pre-order by Natili Blick.

Anyone else in love



He’s cute, he reminds me of a baby my mom babysat a few times. I wish I could post a pic but I don’t have his mama’s permission so I won’t. He looks almost exactly like that prototype just with lighter blue eyes and slightly redder blonde hair.


This baby is so cute in person. I saw it at ROSE.

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Yes! Me! He has landed in my top 6 faves of all time.


Yes, I preordered as soon as the kit became available. Natali Blick has become one of my favourite artists I love Tutti and I was fortunate enough to get another kit before Dolls so Real also sold out of her recently, I don’t think anyone else is selling her now and I love that Yannick has her limbs :slight_smile:
Im painting Sherry right now and Im really happy with her as well. I also have a Maik kit but Im sad that I did not order him from Dolls so Real where he comes with a belly plate. If anyone knows where I can get the plate that goes with him, please let me know.
Here is my first Tutti


Precious :purple_heart::heart::purple_heart::heart:

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Would you happen to know what size clothing he wears?

I don’t. He looked like a 3 mos size.

Thank you

Thought I would stick this in here…I am about to start my first Yannik, I was lucky enough to get 2 of them, and I was looking for inspiration and came across this prototype on Mac’s…Im in love!!


I wonder what eyes she uses. They are perfect! Do you think they are acrylic? The pupils in one picture looked purple. In her eBay ad she doesn’t say they are glass

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Im not sure but they look like glass to me. I wonder how she gets that skin tone, its beautiful! I always go too far with mine. I just did an mixed Tutti and she came out well but I love the skin tone on him and many of her other babies.

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I saw this little guy on EBay. He is going for over $4,600. last time I looked He is amazingly lifelike.

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