Xodus mediums!

I have gotten to try these and they are great!!!
I can’t wait to get more!!!


I’m just hoping there will be a day I can get 4oz of consistently good varnish for 19.99 again :sweat_smile:. A girl can dream


Clever name :joy: They are to be Moses and we are to be their people. We will no longer be slaves to the old medium. Lol. I thought surely it is not pronounced like the second book of the Bible but yep :sweat_smile: I guess they do reference it by saying “the next chapter”


I will be thrilled when they get the matte varnish available in more than a trial size. It works very well and has no rough texture. They have worked very hard to make these more like the old Genesis consistency too.


Do you have to bake them (sorry I don’t want to wach the video :wink: ) ?

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Is this another line of HSP? OOOOh!

tell us more.

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Yes, these are heat set mediums. Their paints line is still in progress. These mediums are the absolute closest thing to Genesis original formulas! They are non-toxic and intermixable with Genesis old and new formula. ALSO if you mix this thinning medium with the new formula Genesis paint colors it solves all the stringy and speckled issues that the new formula line was having. You can still buy lots of new formula Genesis paint colors at MacPherson’s and then get these mediums to use with them.


Great video!! Wow! I want to try this stuff, especially the matte and thinning medium.

Question for you long-time veterans of Genesis paints: when she mentioned the old formula before AMOCO took over the manufacturing, did she mean the recent old formula just before the new one that failed? Or is she referring to an older formula before 2012? I have a tutorial book from 2008 or so, and in the photo of the instructor’s Genesis thinning medium, it looks more gel-like. I started using Genesis in 2013, and it never looked like in the photo. So, I’m wondering if there was a different formula before I started reborning.

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Yes, this. They did change the formulas along the way before this last
“New” formula.


Thanks! That’s what I kind of always suspected but wasn’t sure. I think I would have liked the earlier formula better, so hoping that Xodus will be like that.

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Loved this video, looking forward to the new products. The satin is exciting, I like that it will hold some texture. Not all vinyl is going to love the higher temp longer but most of us who have been doing this a while know what vinyl can take the heat if we need it. I don’t mind the matte being opaque, it just means I will know I got the whole baby and didn’t miss any bits.

I just got a few new formula colors, haven’t seen a big difference, I don’t mind the stringy, it mixed with solvent well, you just needed to give it a good stir, and just use the top, not the stuff that settles. I also left my yellow out over night and it dried up a little, just dehydrated a bit and it was perfect. If you make a big bowl of wash, do it in a jar or glass and you can mix and shake it, I just don’t scrape from the bottom.

I have not left any of the mediums in longer than 8 mins. I have been doing 265-270 for 8 mins. On the satin varnish where I applied it thicker for hair lines I put it in 8 mins and then let cool then ran another 8 mins. That’s how I did the old formula.

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