Xmas cuteness

I know …it’s a couple months off yet, but I couldn’t go past these little outfits at K Mart. With my luck …I’d leave them and go back to find that there’s none left. Modelled on my 2 keepers.


Awe cute. I saw them at Kmart yesterday. On the hunt for a boys Santa suit, so when ever I’m at a store I browse the baby clothes.

Those are so cute!

both are cute but I love the boy’s outfit!

Adorable babies. I like the boy outfit best too.

Too cute!

They are so sweet! I love those outfits.

Very cute babies and I love the outfits, so festive!

so cute i love the outfit’s got to go to kmart

They are so cute. One of the fun things about reborns is getting to dress them in all the cute baby clothes.