Wrinkled baby kits too many? too few?

If we painted doll exactly the way my granddaughter was in these pictures it would be judged “under done” by the reborning community. LOL


Yes he was still in the hospital for this pic. She has not shared anymore photos of him so I am not sure if it is the wet wrinkly effect or not. :slight_smile:


My oldest daughter was born at 7 1/2 months 3 1/2 lbs. 16 inches long.
From what i remember .(.its been 50 years.)…premies arent really wrinkled or even battered lookingbut my dsughter had a head of brown hair even then
.They do have less fat under their skin so mottling and veins do show quite a bit.
However i like the wrinkled feet and hands I think because regular dolls dont have that
detail we think it looks more real to have wrinkled hands and feet. … premie or not.