Wrapping a doll with rooted hair

Hello! For the first time I rooted the top of a dolls head. It sold yesterday. I had it wrapped in a fleece blanket overnight and when I opened the blanket the hair was all crazy/tangled looking. It’s delta dawn hair.

My question is how do I protect the hair during shipping so it looks decent when the customer opens it? I have some kids hair detangling spray, should I use some of that? Should I put some plastic wrap over the hair for shipping?


I wet the hair, and brush it flat. Let it dry. Then put plastic wrap over it and a hat on top of that!


I do basically the same…only just a hat…no plastic wrap


Thanks so much!

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I’m digging this back up.

Is there a way to box a baby with the hair styled and have it be that way when it is opened?

Rosie is nearly finished. I will be driving her to her new mommy but I wanted to give her a box opening anyway because this is for her birthday. I thought it would be cool for her to have a reborn on her birthday. Two birthdays! Anyway, is there a way I can put her in a box without ruining her style?

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9 months later…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyway, I’m a bit thick between the ears. I have the box mine came in from Ashton Drake.

Still, how would you do that with other reborns?

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A hairnet might help? Some people use the bun sized hairnets on reborns. I think a full sized one can also cover the face for shipping.


When I root heads for people… when I’m done rooting and before I seal the inside of the head… I cut and style the hair and I bake it for 4 minutes. ( as long as it’s not an air dry baby)
This does 2 things…

  1. Helps the vinyl to close tighter around the individual hairs.
  2. Sets the style.

Then when cool I seal the inside with glue, after it dries… I pop on a hairnet and send the baby’s head home. Almost everyone let’s me know that the head arrives with near perfectly styled hair. :heart: