Got my first custom today then this evening two more.I have a feeling I might have just set myself up for a headache


Not necessarily. When I do a custom they choose kit, gender, hair color, skin tone, eye color and any requested individual markings such as birthmarks. I do the rest and send them pictures of the finished product. I don’t send step by step photos.

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Congrats! That’s pretty much all I do, customs. I’ve experienced some of the best customers to ones that gave me a massive headache but in the end all were happy. Thank goodness. I treat each customer according to their wishes, some want progress pictures while others rather be surprised. The one thing I’ve learned along the way, allow ample time for each baby. Much easier and less stress. If a potential customer is in a rush and I already have several orders I inform them I’m booked up. If they understand and are willing to wait, then I do if not I refer them to another artist. Best of luck to you and once again Congrats!!!