Wowie! … 43b4a3a288

That is one of the best ones I have seen!!!

Isnt she sweet! shes so well done! I love how very 3d her eyebrows are!~and great tones

Wowie - is right!!! That is some gorgeous Tibby.


Deanna, she is just amazing. I hope she brings some big bucks for you.

I can’t stop looking at her; she is sooooo beautiful! Deanna, my hat’s off to you!!!

— Begin quote from “Deanna”

Aww! Thank you so much for the Wonderful compliments on Shaundra! She was so much fun to create. Hugs, Deanna

— End quote

Didn’t realize that she was created by a forum member… I am so impressed with her rooted eyebrows… most of the rooted eyebrows I have seen look like a couple of caterpillars, but I had to look twice when I read that you had rooted them to check it out… This is an adorable Tibby… Whose curly mohair did you use? A fellow forum member (another forum) is looking for “curly” but Auburn…

Love her!!! She makes me want to do a Tibby!

2 ounces of mohair??? Amazing - that must have taken a week of evenings to complete!!!

How long was the mohair you bought Deanna? Your Tibby is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Just noticed that my FAVORITE “Scarlett” was your creation also!! I am in such AWE of your beautiful AA babies!!!

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WOWIE is right! Beautiful, and who would believe that’s Tibby? Or Scarlett? Incredible and makes me wanting to see more!