Wow! Sugar!

She’s adorable! Now I feel slightly foolish for not even looking at the older kits- I never pay any attention to them- SOMEONE START THE PARTY;) and count me in!

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I have to choose the ugliest one I can find and see if I can make it look real;) this will be so fun! If one of you ladies start the party- I’ll definitely order a kit and jump right in:)

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Ooh, can’t wait to see who you choose! I was given Jewel as a gift so I have him/her, not the cutest kit and not one I would think to buy, but I love a challenge! I will start a thread in just a bit so we can all get in on it :slight_smile: So exciting!


Yay!!! Now I have to go spend some money;) not too much- cause they are cheaper- woohooo!!


Yes, let’s!!

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Sugar & Honey are two of my favorite older kits…except for the hands🤷🏻‍♀️