Wouldn't it be GREAT if - - -

BB put ALL their kits on sale at the same time for $19.98 and $14.98 ??? Then we could all get exactly what we are needing (especially if we had the money!!) :slight_smile: I don’t have money in my paypal, but would gladly put it on my credit card. :slight_smile:


I like that idea!!! :slight_smile:

The only problem would be that we would all end up broke. Well it isn’t the only problem - Could you imagine how much work that would create for BB if we all ordered what we want… especially if they were in the $14 price range. I bought many for that price! :slight_smile:

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Kandi , you are absolutely right!!! Talk about fun!!! HA HA!!! I would end up broke but have a blast doing it. LOL!!!

Deb, 0 that is so Very True. Yes this is so much fun. I am trying to do several things at one time. I make some thing’s for Christmas. I just made a plack with 2 sets of feet prints on it. They are done in green on a black background. Then there is a red ribbon bow. The words are this… Our little mistletoe’s - it is really cute. It is a gift from the grandsons to give to their parents. One is 2 and the other is almost 1. Yes it wasn’t easy to get them not to wiggle their toes! It turned out really cute - even with the smudges. Next I am making the outline of their faces on wood and wood burning it - then painting it black - then painting the outline in gold. I did one last year for just the one - this year it is the 2. I just have to remember not to touch the wood burner to see if its hot! Did that last year! Ouch!!!

ooooooh - more babies on sale - - - I need Cuddles to go on sale. WAITING !