Would you be interested in doll show in Wichita Ks

Jennifer Raymond is considering putting together a doll show right here in the Central part of the U.S.A. Would you all be interested in traveling to Wichita, Kansas? The hotels are within a few miles from the airport. Shuttling will be available from the airport to the hotels. Are you interested in workshops? Please give me your thoughts. Like and share this, so we can spread the word and I will look more into setting up the days and time of the show… held possibly next year at the beginning of August. It would be wonderful to have another doll show for all of us to get together and enjoy what we love so much. This show will be for OOAKs, Reborns, Silicones, Resin, smaller scale cribs, hand-made outfits, teddy bears and Primitives. :smiley:


ROSE is late July…

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Also @Marissa and others are trying to work out a show in the Pennsylvania area.


Wow I looked figuring it would be closer as I’m in the midwest and its still and 11 hour drive… Haha

I can’t go to any of the one past early July because I am in school. But it does sound fun

Sounds good. It’s closer to me than Utah I think. :smile:

That sounds wonderful for the people who are closer to that side of the country. I would watch your dates if you can because some of the vendors that you would probably want to be there do the ROSE show and if they are too close together they might not be able to make it. JMO

When I go to one I want to go to classes. Sounds great I could drive and have ladies come with me.

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YES! That is do-able. I have family there and it’s only a couple hours away. I would welcome any type of workshop.

About 12 hours! But about 6-8 less haha.