Would this be safe?

I wanna take my reborn with me to an outdoors event this summer. She will be in a stroller if I take her. If it’s hot and sunny, will she be safe? I don’t want her vinyl melting or anything. Would it help if I have a stroller fan? She is painted with air dry paints if that helps.


I don’t think it will hurt it as long as it’s not in a hot car or direct sun light for an extended period of time.

It’s an all day event. I can put the cover on the stroller.

Put the cover on the stroller, she should be fine with the air flow with walking around. I would not just let her sit in the sun, or in a hot car, of course I am not familiar with air dry medium.

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Like other says, not in hot car or dirct in the sun. Don’t put the paci and be carefull for not let anything close that can rub her.


I live in Florida, it gets hot here. I took mine to the zoo in a hooded stroller for the better part of a day. She was fine.

You could also bring a light colored light-weight swaddle blanket and drape that over the open part of the stroller while you’re walking around in direct hot sun. Not against the baby, but just to block some of the sun. It works for real babies and should work for a reborn too.
Take her and have fun. And don’t forget to take a few business cards too if you made her yourself. You’ll have people who think she’s real, and some may call you later about buying a reborn if they know how to contact you!
The bonus of having a reborn baby outside when it’s hot is that their surfaces start to feel warm like real skin and it adds to the realism!

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@Leabelle made her. I could definently copy her business card on the photocopy machine to give out if she is cool with it.

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You are nice ! Have fun with her and don’t forget to take some pics !

The vinyl gets baked at 275 degrees, repeatedly, it will survive even very hot day. I doubt if even in car the temperature would ever reach 275. From what I could see, the maximum heat in the car will reach about 160. I would be more concerned taking doll out in bellow freezing temperatures.

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@ludmila is correct! Air a Dry babies are often sealed with heat set mediums at 275 degrees. There is not a problem with overheating! Have fun!

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Thank you everyone. I am glad I can take her. My mom was nervous that she would get damaged from the heat and had me nervous about it. I am so exieted. The event is in august and yes, I will take pictures. :sunny: :slight_smile:

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