Would it be just Me - Or

does anyone else prefer more babies with full limbs??? Or at least full legs. I always like the way a diaper looks on full leg babies.


That is funny because I was just trying to figure out which special deal kit I wanted and was going through them and seeing which one has full legs!! I LOVE them. I made Precious Gift with a full leg body and I love it! I was working on Gabriel at the time too, and tried his limbs on that body and it looked good on him too!

I love that option. Makes such a difference.

I would like to see more full-limbed babies, too. It would sure make finding clothes for them a lot easier!

I wish some of these sculptors would start doing the full leg babies. I don’t think it matters quite as much having the 3/4 arms, do you?


I love full limbs.

— Begin quote from “Debora Jenkins”

I love full limbs.

— End quote

Your Libby is one cute baby.

Debora, I love Libby’s new outfit! It’s awful how fixated I’ve become on infant clothing! I’m running out of space for all of it because I can’t resist a good deal. Gee whiz, Hubby, I’m going to HAVE to make more dolls just to use up all the clothing I have!

Ty very much I love it too. I got it in a round Robin exchange

The other two available dolls on BB with full limbs (arms & legs) are Blinkin & Nod. They can take the soft body or the full vinyl body as well. But I’ve seen on other sites some dolls - I just don’t remember which ones. The newer BB that are coming some have full arms and some have full legs.