Working on Berenguer Beautiful Embrace

Pics with no flash. Still gotta paint her brows and such.

i love the berenguer look, i’m rooting a snooki right now. i think they have that 30’s look. your baby is great, some new mom will be soooo happy. sage … brace1.jpg … brace3.jpg … brace2.jpg … brace4.jpg
These are some quick pics I took at night so not the greatest. She already has a buyer and is being shipped out today.

She’s adorable, Angie!!

She is totally gorgeous! Cute as a bug’s ear! Congratulations on her and for finding a buyer that obviously appreciates her too!

I, too, love the Berenguers with all their little chubby rolls. I just finished a Shy Face and have him on ebay now. It was my first attempt at tears and spit bubbles and I didn’t want to ruin an expensive kit so I experimented on this little guy.

I’m still a newbie at reborning but have found it very rewarding.

Just listed and no bids yet…