Work in progress Gracie

Hello all! I’m sure some of you saw my first post and I wanted to share a pic of my second baby - a work in progress. My friend was fine with me keeping the first baby and decided she’d like to have an open eyed baby any way. So here is my work in progress, Gracie. What would you add to her (besides the other eye and a body / limbs.) :laughing: More blushing on the cheeks? I thought she was close to being done but I’m realizing in pics, she looks way too plain. Also, should I poke holes in the nostrils? I’m afraid to but is it unheard of to not do it? I learned (too late) that I should have left the lashes long before inserting the eyes. Oops!


Wow she looks great so far! I would personally add some blood red and purple mottling layers and some more blush and a burnt umber wash or BB warm blush mix with a touch of blue to tone down the orange and thin it down and I apply a clean cosmetic sponge and pounce it on evenly. I hope this helps a little!


Add some mottling, and more blush. You can pull out the eyelashes and redo them nice you insert the eyes


I did Gracie not so long ago, so I remember that her nostrils are very shallow. However drilling nostrils are not recommended anymore. It was an ‘old school’. You can find many entries on this topic when you use the search spyglass.
She looks really good to me as I know that pictures not always captures all little details that you can see in person. May I ask what are you planning to do with her hair?


Yes it does help! Thank you so much. I will try your suggestions!

@Mommarobin I didn’t know I could root the eyelashes with the eyes in? I’ll try that because I’m not happy at all with the eyelashes…

@YelenaRey Yes the nostrils are so shallow! I can only compare her to Brooklyn but Brooklyn’s are much much deeper. I’m actually Not sure what I’m doing with her hair yet. My friend originally said she wanted me to leave her bald and then she said she might change her mind and want hair but she’d want short blond hair if so. I don’t have any so I’ll have to order some if she wants to go that route. Nervous about that as my first rooting job was less than a great success. Lol Do you have any suggestions for mohair to use? I only have the ruby red that came with my kit and from what I’ve read, it’s fairly low quality.

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For mohair suggestions read this thread and you will get site link and even references to colors.


Thank you! That thread is very helpful.

So I did some more mottling, shading, etc. Improvement? Or not so much? I haven’t baked yet.


I like her, but it is best if the more experienced artists here give their opinion also.

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Just want to say you are correct about the old school way of opening the nostrils. When I first became interested in reborning about 13 or so years ago, the info was to open them. I am glad we don’t open them.

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Definitely not too much color, don’t be afraid!! Her lips are especially nice.


@beck I’m so afraid of over-doing color. :see_no_evil: I’m glad you said that though because I need to get over that. Lol I added some more color… hopefully enough and not too much :grimacing:!


How does she look to you in person? Sometimes photos don’t pick up colors accurately. I think she looks great. I’d add lashes, brows (I can’t tell if she has any) and hair and call her done.

@jeanhai Thank you! I think she looks pretty good in person. I added capillaries to the ears, nose area, and cheeks but it doesn’t show up in pics. She has eyebrows but they’re very very light and now that I’m looking at it again, I think I need to fix them because one is over too far. She has top and bottom lashes on one eye and bottom lashes on the other but I plan to redo all the lashes because I’m not very happy with them. I’m getting closer though! Lol

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I think she’s looking a lot better! Good job!

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@Mommarobin Thank you so much! That makes me feel much better!

I think she looks amazing and would call her done with paint

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I got her head done - touched up the eyebrows, added more shading and creasing, redid the eyes and eyelashes but I forgot I still need to add the matte varnish! :see_no_evil: Eyelashes are already applied. Will they be ruined if I vanish and bake with the eyelashes on?


Synthetic eyelashes will melt. She is a cutie :heart_eyes:

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