Word of caution-rooting lamp

I use the internal rooting lamp, and always turn it off when there i somebody at the door, or if the phone rings. But today I just sat down to root, picked up the 1st strand and as I was about to stick the needle in, the door bell rang. I looked out of the window and saw the postal van, and as the head was still not quite as warm as I like it, I left the light on and threw a towel over it to keep it nice and warm. I got to the front door in the same time the dogs, so I just grabbed my keys, walked outside, and closed the doors behind me. Put the keys in my pocket to be able to sign for the delivery, then I pulled the keys out, and realized the house key was not there!. I keep number of keys on separate rings hooked on large clip, and never ever have I lost any of them. The only way back in was over 2.5m fence and then hope I did not lock the back door. I am really not up to climbing fences; especially not such high fences, and looking up and down the street I could not see anybody at home who could get in for me. Anyway, so I started to think how could the key come off, and then I put my hand in my pocket, and it was there!.

Lesson learned, I will NEVER again leave the lamp on and walk out of the house.


Oh dear, you didn’t burn anything, did you?

Another word…Don’t use a higher wattage bulb than on the socket. I burnt up one lamp that way.

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Was the head ok?

How scary, Ludmilla! It sounds like you are normally very careful. Was the head okay? I guess it was since you found your key and got back in. This is a very good lesson for any of us who use the rooting lamp or intend to use it in the future. Thank you.

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Whew, close call! :sweat: :scream: :sweat_smile:

Thankfully, the head was fine; it did not take me that long to get back in, but if the key fell off before I put them in my pocket, it could have been a totally different story. I did singe one head some time ago, when I left it heating up bit too long; fortunately it just made slightly darker spot on the top of the head, and once I rooted over it, it was not visible and the vinyl seemed fine.

yes, I am very careful; I do mainly expensive kits, and of-course, when I am rooting all the other work is already done. To ruin a kit is sad at any stage, but to melt it when all there was left to root was little spot about inch across, that would be devastating. Not to mention I had it sitting on my favorite antique cabinet.