Wondering about the factory painted kits

Have any of you purchased one of these kits? I want to buy one for my Niece for Christmas she is 9, but I’m really scared they are awful. She wants her baby to have hair and I’m just way to busy to root another head. I guess my other option is use a wig on a regular kit. If anyone has pictures of the factory painted kit please post…I need to make up my mind before it’s to late…lol

The hair on those is awful. The painting isn’t very good, either. I’d opt for a wig on a better doll.

Type this into YouTube and it’ll come up with a vid.

Blaze. Prepainted kit from Bountiful baby

I got one for my granddaughter. I did not give it to her it was awfull. I gave her a regular kit that I did with a wig.

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I would suggest buying her a BB kit on sale and have it painted . 9 years old can take a really good care of it.

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