Wondering about a doll

I’m wondering wHat this doll is called.
I think it was one of those paradise gallery dolls and a lot of people were reborning them. It was a newborn girl that was one piece and she was curled up and very newborn. Arms and legs curled up so cute. This might be a vague description but I hope someone knows what I’m talking about. I think Melissa George even did a version of her.
Thank you in advance.

Are you talking about Marita Winters. Precious little bundle from Ashton Drake?

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Oh my GOODNESS!!! that is EXACLTY her!! Thank you so much!!!

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Glad I could help. :heart:

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Where is this baby? Too cute. NEVER MIND,LOL typed before I saw the name .lolol


I love that doll so much! I recently bought one of the other three and she’s really great. I think mine is called “Cuddle Me.” I was surprised to hear that there were four different versions, since I’d only ever seen two of them!

Here’s a video of another lady’s collection of all four

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Oh my gosh I had no idea there were 4 of them!!

Oh this is Bundle of Love by Marita winters. Precious baby!! I saw that video with all 4 and had to try to find them. I got this one from ashton drake and two others from EBay. :slight_smile:

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Wow, adorable!
Is she all vinyl?

She looks a little like your sweet Ivy.

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Yes and with a hard body

I have two of the four

Wow, I’d love to reborn her!