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I just read an old post from 2012 called “We are blessed” give away! and the stories people posted blessed me so much that I wanted to encourage any of you who feel the need of God’s blessing, or who feel incredibly blessed, to go and read it. I saw some of your stories there by the way! :grinning: I’d post the link but I don’t know how to do that. Just seach we are blessed give away. It’ll come up. Although the give-away is long over, the stories will never grow old.


Oh my gosh…I had forgotten all about that! Sat here and read through it all again. Still feel the same way; we are all blessed and this forum is home to me. Wish some of the members from back then were still with us.

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I noticed there were so few people I knew. it made me feel kind of sad, like you guys could all just decide to do something else and I’d never hear from you again. I don’t do a lot of social media. My presence on FB is rare and this is my favorite place to hang out. I’m glad to see that you have been here a long time, Karen, and that you feel like I do about it.


I love hanging out here as well. I am rather old and alone so I love the forum. It is my go to place for companionship and chatting with “friends”. I feel very blessed each and every time someone answers a post of mine. I don’t go out much so this is a very special place for me. Anyway, I’m so glad we have it to communicate with. I signed up with FB a long time ago and have never done anything with it because I don’t know how to do it. Computers and age don’t go so good together. I don’t even know how to look at stuff on others FB pages, That’s pathetic huh? Any way thank you all for being here when we need someone, I would love to go to the ROSE show next year and if it happens for me I will definitely want to wear a tag to identify myself and hopefully meet some of the wonderful people from our forum. HUGS to ALL.


I’ve been here even longer than I can remember – lost my password or login a couple of times, rejoined, at one point they removed the forum because of some bad things going on, brought it back, and I rejoined and then when I moved, I think I rejoined again ( I used to be Karen in Nebraska) and then when they changed the forum I joined again. They can’t get rid of me. :grin:

No, seriously, this place is my home forum and I can’t imagine being without it; so many wonderful ladies here always willing to share and help and cheer us on. We stick together like family…sometimes we disagree but hey, it is what it is and I think it’s awesome! But yes, it’s sad that so many have moved on.


What a great thread! Here’s the link:

We are blessed give away


I was here when that post was made. I joined in February 2012 and have been fairly active “on and off”. I am on several forums that are pretty dead (REAL and Baby Banter) and Bountiful Baby just hangs in there.


Before I joined this forum I wasn’t really into the social thing other than my own little Facebook with my 39 friends…lol. I can honestly say I actually know all 39 of them. After joining this forum I find myself wanting to meet all of yall. I want to talk baby talk and get to know yall better.

I consider myself blessed to have stumbled across this amazing artistic venue and even more blessed to have all the new friends. I enjoy all our conversations, tips shared and funny stories.


We are all Blessed----Right Here–Right Now !!


WOW what a wonderful thread!! Yes we are all blessed! I think it is wonderful to get to chat with so many wonderful artists that are eager to help newbies grow into their own artistry. I am on FB a lot but I am here usually several times a day as well. I feel honored to be able to get to know so many of you.

I was part of a forum called Hearts on the Mend several years ago. It was made up of several women that had lost a child through miscarriage or stillbirth. We started out on a yahoo group called PHH-Loss (Pain, Heartache, and Hope). From there several of us moved to Hearts on the Mend when they all started having babies again. I was just there for moral support since my loss had happened a few years before theirs and I was not planning any more babies. But to this day…and it has been over 10 years now… all of us women from that forum are still so close and it is like we have known each other forever. We are all B pals and keep up with each other that way now.

I actually met my sweetie in a chat room a few years ago. We were just friends and I was an operator in this chat room on Talk City. A few years after we had known each other in chat we spoke privately for the first time and exchanged emails so we could keep in touch with each other. Neither of us was “looking” for anything…it just happened. I was in the middle of getting divorced after a 22 year marriage. But it is like once we started emailing each other…we never shut up. We met each other in person in September 2011 in Alabama, and both knew we loved each other at basically the same time that weekend. We had a long distance relationship for a couple years and saw each other 2 or 3 times a year. Then in July 2013 I moved to Florida to be with him. We are still so crazy about each other and have so much fun together. I have been here for 2 years this July and we still have never had an argument or anything, and we still talk via text message all day long. My kids love him and so does my family. He is pretty awesome! Now I am sad because we did not meet sooner!

So… I have discovered that online friends are true and not all people are psycho’s and serial killers LOL! You can tell once you have talked to somebody long enough online how they are…eventually true colors show if there is a problem. You just have to be careful and use good common sense.

I think all of you are amazing and I hope to be friends with you all for a long time. All of you have taught me so much.



That’s awesome, Mandy! I’m so glad you’ve found a wonderful hubby! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks @AmyR777! We aren’t officially married yet, but maybe soon lol. We are like an old married couple though. Most people think we are married, and that is OK. :smile: We just look at each other and giggle.

Too True! Every day in Every way.

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Perfect! :blush:

After I walked out of my first marriage 4 1/2 years ago I was not sure I would EVER marry again. I did not think loving somebody again was possible. Thankfully, I now know it is and I will gladly say I would marry again. And I am sure we will when the time is right for both of us :smile:

That’s exactly what my brother did. He had a horrible 30 yr marriage. He wasn’t looking for another relationship but found his new love. They’re both scared to do the marriage “thing” but may as well be. They are now living together and I’m so happy for them. :heart_eyes:

I don’t think we are “scared” to marry…there have just been a few reasons why we haven’t. The “time” just hasn’t been right. About 4 years ago I would have been scared though LOL

Congrats to your brother!!!

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