Womb baby machines

I tend to agree.

She has another video where she shows herself putting it in and she didn’t seem to have to get it in there aggressively so i don’t know. Maybe she has finessed her style and is an expert in doing this sort of thing.

If you scroll up I posted the link.

I found someone on YouTube showing how to deliver a reborn baby from the womb this her video here:

Love the way she presents her Womb babies. I think it’s cool!

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You can find them on amazon they are super expensive.

I wonder if there’s a way to create a similar look without stuffing the baby in a balloon. Maybe wrapping it in sheer/nude nylon fabric or making a nylon sack to wrap baby in? Do they sell stocking nylon by the yard? I’m just thinking out loud here, but seeing the image of the video above (I didn’t actually watch the video tho lol) made me think of stuffing a baby into a giant nylon stocking!