With my own eyes!

I’ve seen others report it but hadn’t run across it until now. I added two sweet babies to my nursery. Lucie wasn’t heavy enough for me so I disassembled her to add weight. And found ROCKS! Lucie is very nicely painted and rooted (but has lost some hair) so I was really shocked to see rocks.



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Eek ! :astonished:

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what in the world…how can people do this. I mean, if you dont have the money to properly make a baby to specs, maybe you should get a new hobby. :angry:


Oh my Gosh I really thought that was a thing of the past . Its unbelievable how people cut corners these dolls are pieces of art .

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I have had some sent to me to be re-reborned that had gravel,kitty litter and even one that I have no idea what was in it but it was greenish blue and had an oily feel to it.The gravel would have been fine in the one I redid if the bag had not got shifted around where you could feel it in the body.The kitty litter I am assuming may have drawn moisture, IMO and lord knows what the oily feeling stuff would have done. Anyway the only one that was really sent because of the weighting material was the one with the shifted gravel,the others came to have other problems fixed and in the process I found out about the weight materials.I would love to see your little one when she is finished again.


Wow! Why bother making an expensive art doll to fill it up with dirty rocks! It’s beyond me!

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That’s horrible!!

Wow, that looks like the gravel that I used to have in my aquarium… Gross…

All to save a few dollars… :unamused: Why do people do this? It’s really not too terribly much more expensive to get the correct materials! Good gravy! The first reborn I ever bought was used on eBay. Looked great in the pictures, and of course when I got her that was not the case at all. Despite all her issues, I decided to keep her to learn how to repair. Long story short I found play sand in her limbs, dirty socks with rocks inside in her head and body… and brace yourself! She had silicone breast pads at the bottom of her body. :nauseated_face: Almost turned me off to reborns entirely.

I’ve heard of people using the silicone breast pads before! They say it gives them a squishy feeling.
I’m not so sure about it though.


I don’t know. :woman_shrugging: All it did was weird me out. :joy::joy::joy:

The glass isn’t that expensive!

Sad , people like this ruin all the art for everyone both buyers and sellers

Reborn supply shops even sell them :wink:

supposed to mimic the squishy feel. They also make squishy balls to put in the bodies

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See those aren’t bad! I understand how that could be an option to add realism. But the particular ones I found in my doll were clearly used silicone breast pads. :joy: They were a dingy yellow color, and defiantly meant to be used as breast enhancement. Looked just like the ones I used on my wedding day… :joy::joy::joy: Dont tell anyone!

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I know they sell them too… I just can’t find it yet. :wink: I am painting and have to go grab my kids from school

The ones inside my doll looked identical to these. definitely not the “baby fat” ones…


OH! okay well the others dont have nipples… :wink: LOL


Haha! I didn’t want to say they had nipples… Felt a bit like I was being too vulgar. :joy::joy::joy: