Wish me luck!

Hi! I must share this
A family from Slovenia is coming today to pick my Tayla! This should be my first “real” doll sale (the first was to a member of my family, so it doesn’t really count!), so wish me luck that the transaction goes smooth and that they’re happy with the doll!

I’ve prepared some extra clothes for the doll, a magnetic paci, an extra nappy… I hope they will be sattisfied… I’m so nervous!

At the end, they chose Heather! So happy!

Woohoo!! Congrats on your first real sale!!!

Can you imagine? They’ve traveled for two hours just to buy one of MY dolls! A little girl couldn’t decide between Angel Face, Honey and Heather, but chose Heather at the end. She wanted a boy so I’ve dressed it in a sailor onesie and added a few clothing extras. We even took a picture together. I’m so glad that my reborn is going to be that sweet little girl’s playdoll, she looked so happy holding it
And that thing about being sad to see a reborn go… well, I’m just happy it found a loving home, I hope they all do!

Are you going to post the photo?

Their photo, or photo of Heather?
Here’s Heather (dressed as a boy). I’ll upload pics of the doll with the family later, need to run it through Photoshop a bit
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Best of luck I am sure they will love the baby! And yes like you have the little gifts to send is always a nice fun touch. Congrats on your sale

I am so happy for you and the little girl!!! Her family must think she is pretty special to drive that far to buy a baby doll for her. And her new little boy is so cute!!! Isn’t it such a marvelous feeling when your baby is so loved and appreciated!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!

Post the photo of the new mommy with her new baby boy!! So exciting…