Wish list 2020

I wish BB would sell the 1/4 limbs that go with their 1/4 limb bodies.


Me too! And then order some heads that we can choose to buy with it :slight_smile:


I would love a 28 inch Toddler not as Chunky as Juan.


I think many of us are wishing that. It would be really neat if they had a few different 1/4 limb options to choose from as well. I love the idea of Build-a-baby. I’m really excited about the new bodies. All the snuggles of a cuddle baby with more clothing options!


My daughter has a Haley with toddler Emmy limbs. They look pretty cute together. She’s a sleeper though and I’m not sure how much chubbier Juan is. I just know they share limbs.


I have Juan as Pennywise!



Have you shared him here? I’m going to go looking because that sounds amazing!

Edit: I just found him. He looks so awesome!
Juan as Pennywise

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I’m going to need one of the babies that they scan for the realborn kits to curl their little legs up similar to Levi during the scan. :two_hearts::joy: The kits that are all curled up are an absolute dream to hold and I could cuddle with them for hours at end.


@TrinityCrystal LOL!

My wish is for a vinyl umbilical stump that can be purchased on its own. I love the just born look with newborns and preemies, but if they have a belly plate or full body they don’t look as realistic without the cord.


Prillycharmin.com has a very short tutorial to make umbilical cords out of vinyl gloves. It doesn’t show on the site but comes up if you Google umbilical cords for reborns.


Doesn’t dolls by Sandie have that build a bay option?

A thousand times yes to this!! I love those legs!

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I wish that @bountifulbaby would do kit giveaway first person. Who guest the Realborn kit siblings if any siblings

More fantasy kits

Realborn 1 yr old

Medical equipment

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@jeanhai Thanks for sharing that:) I have seen similar homemade cords and I don’t really care for them. I even tried creating one with clay and I really didn’t like that one either. The vinyl ones are my favorite, I think they look the most realistic.

DBS and McP sell 1/4 limb bodies and limbs that you can use for a 18 inch head you have lying around but they cost about 50 bucks, not worth it to me when you can buy a cuddle body for a lot less or Frankenstein some limbs you have left over from another project.

It would be cool if BB could take some really cute 18-19 limbs made from a Realborn (they already have the artwork in the computer) convert them to 1/4 sell them with a 1/4 body so we have an alternative if we like.

It would also be cool if they made a collection of heads only, maybe five, that were interchangeable with other limbs (18-19in), head only deals don’t come around very often.

I know a lot of people say switching out limbs isn’t cool but I wish it was more common. Some realborns have super cute faces but those damn fight club arms, and some have meh…not for me faces but super beautiful limbs that are delicate or curly, or have sweet toes. I am paying more for realborns than I use to (I use to try to get them when they went on sale, and I could never resist a realborn sale) so buying a kit just for a head or limbs isn’t practical anymore.


Switching limbs just means you end up with a more unique reborn! But then who gets the coa…

I wish we had more smiling kits with open eyes. Not just newborn but bigger babies.

I wish there were more non-realborn kits kept in stock. Don’t get me wrong, the realborn kits are precious, but I like having more options.

They are normally in stock. Coronavirus put a damper on everything normal. So we have to wait longer for orders to get filled. inspected and listed.