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Does anyone use the WISH app for buying baby clothing? I’m just looking for unique clothing and I see lots show up on my app. I wonder wha5 the quality is like? Or if it takes a long time to arrive?

Now I’ve never ordered baby clothes there but I ordered a few random things from there for myself and it took 4 weeks to get to me. What I got was just fine on quality so I assume the clothing will be the same.

I’ve ordered baby clothes from there. They are usually the same ones you find at inexpensive baby boutiques that pop up all over your Facebook. The only thing bad is the sizing. It’s very unlikely you will ever find anything newborn size on there. What they list as newborn is more like 6 months. It’s great for buying for bigger kits. And I’ve bought a lot for my grandson. I especially love those little mocassins they have for $3-4. But even those are more like size 4 for the smallest ones.
I also found PatPat. They have flash sales and they have some fairly small outfits. But even those are more like 3 months. It’s hard to find truly newborn size from those kinds of companies.

It’s always a guessing game with wish. Some things show up weeks early, some show up weeks late or not at all. You can’t beat the prices though.

I’ve used Ali express. They have similar items. Got a 0-3 month dress, but it was more like a 6 month one. Most clothes run pretty big.
I did get a very nice dress for a toddler, though.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I was seeing in the reviews— clothes run big in size. I’m looking for newborn. Maybe I’ll just leave it then

Clothes n shoes run big. Nothing really fits newborn.

I order from them. Clothes and shoes do run big but they’re great for larger babies. They have a few 0-3 mos items but most are 0-6 and up. Accessories-hairbands, cute socks, etc are a great buy and some of those are newborn size. You can kind of tell by the pictures if they’re small or not. I sometimes have to shorten the hairbands. They also have some good kitchen gadgets and other products. Do search, though, because they often have the same item listed in different spots with 3 different prices. Look for the lowest one. Shipping does take awhile but I haven’t ever had anything not show up.

Wow beautiful clothes!

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