Wish app has "reborns" for 16$ this is so annoying

Scrolling through my FB feed today and I see the wish app again. (I see it a lot on my page) with the words "hand made reborn doll 16$"
This kind of crap makes me mad. Because this stuff.makes people wonder why we can’t sell so cheap


Ugh. It’s too bad!

If they ever compare one of those fake reborns to a real reborn they will see why that crap is so cheap.



They used to sell this… Factory Painted doll at Toys R Us that was a reborn wannabe. It had painted veins and very rosey cheeks/nose/chin/forehead and purple wash inside it’s head, and tipped and glossed nails.
Looked awful but was totally intended to be.a factory produced reborn for kids for 20 dollars. Wish I knew what it was called!

Anyway, I used one to make my first or second reborn- lemme find it

Just a better pic of Anylandra

I wish we (my friend and I) had saved what she was called! They were SO reborn wannabes and the box showed the veins and stuff up close.

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Kits don’t even start that cheap. Those are junk prices. Those are not works if art. People get what they pay for.

One of my customers sent me these after she got her first real reborn from me.She told me to see if I could do something with them to make them look better and give them to a child.They just look like cheap dolls with pluggy factory rooted mohair.Nothing on them looks realistic at all.

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Thise are just dolls. Reborns are reborns. What a scam. Ugh. :expressionless: Hideous!

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I agree but this lady actually thought she was getting a reborn when she bought them.lol

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For that cheap price? :open_mouth:

No,crazy thing got them on Ebay at Christmas and paid a ridiculous price for them.This picture is of the 2 16 inch ones,she paid close to $200 for a 22 inch one.

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The ones I am talking about were called baby so real!!!


They weren’t called reborn but they were going for the “reborn” “thing”

Yes,I remember those.My grand daughter had one.We gave it a dolly make-over several years ago.lol


I’ve seen those too. What makes me even more mad is that some people purchase them and then resell at crazy prices. It’s like a double scam.

The Ashton drake so truly real dolls are just as bad. I get tired of having people expect me to sell for cheap like these junk dolls sell for

That’s reprehensible! Scammers everywhere.

Occasionally you will see an Ashton Drake that has been reborn but most people try to call them reborns even when they are not reborn.