WIP on londyn

I’ve been working on my Londyn I really like him so far I’ve done my flesh, blue, purple,yellow and red mottle and a warm wash . And a little blushing . Iam waiting on my pencils to come in to do veins and lips . I think she needs a little more color . Opinions please


Would my color show up better if I took pictures on a brown blanket ?

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If you did the creasing, you’d probably get a better gauge of what was needed.


OK thank you after I do my creases and lips I will repost can you do a wash after all that’s done


If you are using a straight flesh color, that can be pretty light. Maybe try adding a touch of red for a more peachy color or add a little umber to deepen the skin tone a bit. Only add a tiny amount at a time


It has probably been asked already somewhere, but if you don’t mind…What color pencils do you use for veins? Thank you

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Can I do that even if I have already did my mottle ? Or will I have to do it over ?

Honestly I don’t do veins I always mess it up lol so I just mottle and everyone that sees my dolls in person they always say they like my veins lol


He is coming along nicely, I think you have some washes to do to deepen his color a bit and creasing. Remember you can layer and go back and forth, you don’t have to do it in stages. Sometimes washes will wash out your creasing a little so you have to go back. I blush in stages along with lips, and nostrils. I vein with blue, I dilute it with thinner.

Are you working in genesis or air dry?

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What’s washed do you recommend? And I am using baby fx and ultimate fusions I have both but I have a lot more baby fx colors I just got the uf so Iam sure you no by now it’s air dry

Darn, I use genesis so I am not sure how your system works. I use a yellow or an orange to warm a baby up, sometimes a pale pink. With genesis it is mostly clear thinner with a tint of color that is patted on with a sponge. I use brown tints to give a little bit more of a flesh color and tone down any mottling that is popping too strong. If you have a lot of pink and orange you can tone down with some blue (be real careful with blue).

For me, and its different for everyone the deeper the complexion (even if its a fair baby) the more realistic. I think a lot of people are afraid of color while others like me get a little heavy handed. I think there is a balance and it depends on personal taste.

I can’t wait to see him finished he is going to be adorable!

I think the goal is to just have fun and play.

This is my Londyn, I wanted her to have my skin tone.


Not sure what babyfx colors you have, but you probably have yellow and a bronze color somewhere in there. 2 drops of yellow and a drop of the bronze thinned out may help along with creases and lip color

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Like Gabriell said, you can go back and forth. You can do other flesh layers, or thin washes and then more mottles if you want- doesn’t matter what order. Just to clarify, I meant when mixing your flesh color you could add a tiny amount of red or umber. But you could also do a thin all-over wash of umber to warm up the skintone like others have said. I hope I am not confusing you more🙃

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Thanks everyone . Iam trying really hard to this kit well enough to try to sell . I have never sold one only did for play dolls for my kids and friends kids . I will post as I go along


You got this, it will be amazing.

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Iam not done but here is more progress !


Her lips aren’t as bright as they look but they are darker then I want them ! How do I lighten them ?

Oooh nice tip. Thank you so much. What about a rosy complexion with fair skin?

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