WIP Byron Pratt now Pretty Princess

She is for my Great Niece Isabella. She know she is getting one and named her Pretty Princess. I still have to seal her and then hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. She is number 4 for me. I hope you like her.


Sorry forgot the pics lol

Hope I haven’t overloaded


No you didn’t overload us, we love pictures here!!! She is adorable, please don’t take this as a critique but I think she would be much cuter in something in a softer color. Your painting looks wonderful but I think the red seems to overtake her. It doesn’t let her pretty artwork shine through. JMO,

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So adorable!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Thank you, the dress is actually way to big, I’ll try something a little softer. Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.

Stop!! Cuteness overload :smiley: OMgee i love the dress and hat, they bring out her wonderful skin tones! Cute as a Button <3

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She’s really cute. Try babyprem.com for itty bitty clothes. They have clothes for 1.5 pound babies.

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She is so tiny and cute!

She is so cute. Great job

The dress is adorable. And the color is lovely, but I agree with Lynn. It overpowers your softly painted little girl. Try her in pale pink or white. I think you’ll be surprised how much difference it makes in the photos. :blush:

Here’s the link to http://www.babyprem.com/

Ok here some more pic’s…Do you think she is too red?


I might have gotten this one from them, thank you though

No she isn’t too red and she looks adorable in her lighter colored dress, Great Job!!! Do you like her this way? Much, much cuter, and more like a baby. IMO.

I have so many baby clothes in all kinds of sizes. I lost track where I got them from but, I have shopped at Babyprem and still do. I just can’t remember where the red one came from. This pink dress is actually a dolls dress. She will be going home with this one and several more. Thank you all for your kind words, they re greatly appreciated. I’ll post more when she is finished…request is for blonde hair. Lol

She’s just adorable! I absolutely LOVE that red dress and hat, so pretty!

She will be adorable with blonde hair, good call.

Yes, I do…much softer looking, thank you

My goodness she is so adorable! I love her!!

Thank you all. The red dress is a Bitty Baby Doll Dress. I got it on eBay, from a woman that sells a lot of baby doll clothes all new.

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